Vacation Every Day!

Visiting relatives have come to see you and they want to do something fun.

You scramble for ideas and finally come up with a place you haven’t been to, the local museum.  After seeing the museum your relatives can’t believe that you haven’t been to the place.  “It’s only a 5 minute drive for you!” they exclaim.

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Vacation is a mindset.

There are plenty of people that would love to come experience the culture and sights in your local town.  These vacationers are able to see the simple beauty you take for granted each day.  They are experiencing something new.  They have a vacation mindset.

Problem:  To you, vacationing means spending the 3 weeks you get off each year sitting around and relaxing.  You spend your vacation watching TV, internet surfing, and messing around on your phone.  Vacation means “escaping” your real life and not being stressed.  You definitely don’t think you’re on vacation if you sleep in your own bed every night.

You work hard to live within your comfort zone.  The place you live is just the place you live.  In reality, the place you live is unique and different from all other places on the planet, and yet you don’t seem to think so because you see it every day…..But do you really see it?

On vacation when you see businesses, road signs, and people you really soak it all in.    Since you’re “on vacation”, you might never see what you’re seeing again.

So why can’t you see the place you call home with the same fresh perspective?

Answer:  You have become desensitized.

You drive through your hometown thinking you know it all.  You are aren’t expecting or open to seeing new things.  That’s only for when you travel or vacation.  You always have tomorrow to go see and do things where you live.  You’re in no hurry.

As a National Park Ranger, I get to see people vacation where they are actually open to their surroundings.  They forget about their problems and don’t just walk or drive by things.  Instead, they appreciate seeing something they have never seen before.

Fact:  If you change how you see things, you will constantly see things you have never seen before as you begin to enjoy every moment as “vacation time”.

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What would your friends put in the following blank when they come to visit you?

“I can’t believe you haven’t done _________ when it’s right here where you live!’

What does TripAdvisor list as the top 5 “Things To Do” in your hometown?

Walk into a hotel in your hometown and grab all the tourist brochures that seem interesting to you.  It’s a Monday, but remember you’re on vacation.

Here are some ideas of places and people to visit:

  • Museums
  • Nature Parks
  • Historical city monuments
  • Interesting or locally famous citizens
  • Friends and family you haven’t seen this year
  • Free city or public building tours

Make a list of the top things you would recommend to your friends in your hometown.  Don’t be cynical making this list.  If you already did something once and enjoyed it, do it again.  Go do the things on that list and invite a friend along.

You’re On Vacation Where You Live!

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